Our Team

Castle Air is a Family Run Christian Based business located in Huntsville, AL and is dedicated to fair and responsible service. We value Professional Courtesy, Honesty, and Quality in our Service to our Customers. While replacing heating and air conditioning systems is sometimes required, it is never our first priority. Utilizing the latest diagnostic techniques and the highest standards of repair and installation, it is our goal to provide our clientele with economical solutions to all their heating and cooling needs. Whether you wish to maintain your existing system, or receive a quote for repair or installation.

If you have any of these needs, looking for more information,

or just some friendly advice be sure to give us a call. God Bless.

Please, contact us for all your HVAC Needs.‚Äč

Jeffrey Wagner

Owner / Operator

Jeff is a former employee of Dunlop. After going back to college, he started Castle Air in 2002. 

Chris Wagner

Service Manager

Chris is a former member of the US Air Force for 6 yrs as Security Forces. He has been with the company 12 yrs.

Tom Messer

Sales Manager

Tom is a former member fo the US Army for 6 yrs.  Active member of his chruch. He has been with the company 9 yrs.

Mike Mireles


Mike has been with Castle Air for 2 yrs. He is an active member of his church and loving father. 

Anne Mosher-Wagner

CFO / Office

Penny Savers Owner

Married to Jeff in 2017, Anne is the owner/operator of 

Penny Savers LLC.

 (Taxes/Book Keeping)

Anne also is the CFO for Castle Air and helps in the Office.